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Meetings International Natural Resources Enterprise

Meetings International Natural Resources Enterprise

The MiNE LLC Formula

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Meetings International Natural Resources Enterprise (MINE LLC) is an international professional services organization with 20 years experience in natural resources industries - specializing in private conferences for institutional investors. MINE LLC was formed in 2005 to create and organize world-class investment conferences for the Natural Resources industries with quality programming. Since its formation, MINE LLC has hosted conferences for the Oil and Gas Industry, the Mining Industry, Modern Energy, and continues developing new projects. Opportunities are available for corporate underwriters, presenting sponsor companies, and qualified investors and analysts.

The MiNE LLC Formula

Our formula is simple, but it’s one that we’ve perfected over the past quarter-century:

We accept only the most qualified companies.

There are many firms seeking funding, but we invite only those that meet certain criteria designed to ensure investors won’t be disappointed in their business plan, their professionalism and their potential for success.

We maintain a pre-specified ratio of investors to businesses.

In our 25 years of hosting and attending investor conferences, we’ve seen too many investors inundated with low-quality sales pitches in a frenzied atmosphere. We manage the MEIF so investors can spend more time connecting with good companies, and less time screening others.

We make time for 1:1 meetings.

Time and again, the most common feedback we receive is that the time we reserve for 1:1 meetings was of immense value to both investor and business clients. These conversations are held in a relaxed atmosphere and allow for meaningful relationship building.


What Makes Our Conferences Different From the Rest?

The answer is the 1:1 philosophy that guides our conferences.

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