MiNE LLC’s Mission Statement:
We deliver exclusive introductions between natural resource companies and top investors to generate powerful business relationships.

Meetings International Natural Resources Enterprise (MiNE LLC) organizes private conferences for institutional investors with a focus on the Natural Resources industries. MiNE LLC meetings offer an objective, professional atmosphere promoting business deals. The programs are current, relative, thought-provoking and are specifically designed to facilitate face-to-face interactions between institutional investors and C-Level company executives through corporate presentations, 1:1 meetings, and social networking events. With over 25 years’ experience, MINE LLC focuses each conference on a specific natural resource sector with a specially designed program that maximizes value (in both time and money) for all attendees.

Opportunities for participation are available for Corporate Sponsors (Investment Bankers), Presenting Companies, Investors, and Analysts. Register now for a MiNE LLC meeting experience.  All conferences are for qualified investors, analysts and company executives only.

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