Social Responsibility


MINE LLC donates a portion of its profits to children’s cancer research in memory of Dani Stell who died of cancer in 1999. Dani was 19 when she died of cancer and was the daughter of Ms. Michele Ashby, CEO of MINE LLC. Ms. Ashby formed a foundation in her daughter’s name to raise money for children’s cancer research and find a cure for this dreaded disease. Donations can be made on-line at WWW.DANISFOUNDATION.ORG.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

When you walk into the gates of Dani’s Home, there is a feeling of safety. The air is usually hot and still, the African sky above is vast and colorful at sunset, and the world outside the walls is far away. Dani’s Home, Lushomo Trust, in Livingstone, Zambia, was born out of the vision of Michele Ashby, CEO of MINE LLC located in Denver, Colorado. Dani’s Home is named after Michele’s daughter, Dani Stell, who died of cancer in April of 1999 at the age of 19.

In February, 2006, while hosting the Africa Mining Congress in Livingstone, Ms. Ashby met Mr. Antony Ranjan, a dedicated community activist. Part of the mission of MINE LLC, is to give back to the community and doing a community project was of interest.

After site visits to various community projects in which Mr. Ranjan is involved Ms. Ashby returned to the United States and reflected on the possibilities in Livingstone. She proposed to Mr. Ranjan the idea of rehabilitating a building to be used as a shelter for teenage girls. Mr. Ranjan acknowledged the need for a refuge for abused young girls in the Livingstone area and agreed to oversee the project and be responsible for the disbursement of funds provided by MINE LLC. And so, through the generosity of two “thoughtful, committed citizens” the vision of Dani’s Home became a reality.

An abandoned shack was transformed in 2006, into viable living quarters for up to 15 girls by January of 2007. The site was named Dani’s Home and governed by the Board of Trustees of Lushomo Trust. “Lushomo” in Zambian means Faith. From then, the Board of Trustees of Lushomo Trust in Livingstone began the process of opening the home to sexually abused girls and they educated the community as to its existence with a community awareness walk in early 2007. The local officials, politicians, church leaders, and community members became supporters of Dani’s Home and the placement of abused girl children began.

A generous donor from the 2007 Africa Mining Congress supplied the funds to provide Dani’s Home with a used vehicle for safer and easier transportation of the girls. Another donor group from the MINE LLC show paid for the addition to the original restored building, of more washrooms and facilities, along with a library room for a future computer lab.

By February, 2008, the time of the 3rd annual Africa Mining Congress in Livingstone, Dani’s Home was almost completely full, with 10 girls in residence and a full time administrator, four house mothers and a myriad of volunteers to help take care of the girls.

Additional improvements continued in 2008 with a new water tank in the back yard and patio cover. The girls have a private garden for their own use and to sell some vegetables locally.

Dani’s Home provides food, shelter, medical attention and education to sexually abused girl children in the community. Counseling and an understanding, compassionate embrace help undermine the traumas these young girl children have experienced. Dani’s Home is a light in an otherwise dark existence.

The benefits of Dani’s Home are far-reaching and dramatic. The founders and administrators of the Home hope to achieve the following benefits:

  • The immediate removal of abused girl children from irresponsible guardians.
  • Provide temporal shelter for abused girl children and search for responsible relatives to take over care where possible or to keep the child at the center until she is able to care for herself.
  • To shield the girl child from further violence and social and economic exploitation and to give her hope.
  • To contribute to the reduction of the number of girl children in Livingstone who experience abuse, exploitation and harassment.
  • To educate and rehabilitate abused girl children.
  • To teach the abused girl children useful skills that will allow them to live independently in a healthy environment without risk of sexual abuse.
  • To educate these young girls so they are employable, thus making them a valuable addition to their community.

The Africa Mining Congress has been a successful activity for many mining companies and financial institutions since 2006. MINE, LLC has taken profits from each Africa Mining Congress and applied it to Dani’s Home in Livingstone. MINE, LLC has provided on-going financial support for the girls and running of Dani’s Home since its inception. Dani’s Home has proven to be necessary and beneficial to the Livingstone community. Dani’s Home is working toward a time to be completely self sufficient. In the meantime, there is an opportunity to continue supporting this valiant effort in a small town in Africa.

The mission of MINE, LLC is to facilitate relationships that impact the social responsibility and financial success of mining, energy, and finance companies.