Please accept my compliments for an excellent effort with the Alternative Energy Forum – I was never in doubt about the where, when, why and how at any stage, from the start till we left.

In addition to the excellent administrative and logistic effort, the actual content of the forum was well put together and meaningful, with every presentation building up to the aim of the conference.

My recommendation to my company would be that this forum would be an annual entry on the corporate calendar.

Good show.


Senior Manager

Great Basin Gold LTD

You folks did an amazing job! Congratulations on a great conference!


President and CEO


Just wanted to congratulate you on a superbly run and highly informative conference. You really did an outstanding job and there were a number of really interesting companies who presented. I found it far more useful than many of the traditional gold conferences (or the PDAC) which always feature the same names. This was much more useful to me. Regardless of whether you hold this again next year at Keystone or Jackson Hole or somewhere else, I’m definitely coming.

Hat’s off to you, and thank you as well for introducing me to some interesting investors in the Denver community.

All the best,


Portfolio Manager

RAB Capital

I think the conference went really well. I’ve been to quite a few of these things, and this was definitely one of the better ones.

Thanks again.


Managing Editor

Green Chip Stocks

Thank you for the invitation to participate. The conference was productive for me as I got to meet both old and new contacts. Venue and events were all first class and well done. I hope to attend again in future. This reminds me of the early days of the Denver Gold Forum and this will gain momentum.

Yours truly;


Executive Vice President

Newmont Mining Corporation

I thought the event was very well organized, I thought helping to set up meetings was great and effective for networking, which none of the other events I’ve attended had done, so good job. Overall the event was worthwhile and I was glad to be involved.

Thanks again.


P.Geo President, CEO & Director

Sierra Geothermal Power Corp

I think the conference was the best run that I have attended! Everything was very well planned and executed on time. As a speaker, I was very happy with the attention to detail for the timing of my activities and the response and follow up to my speech. One on one meetings were very easy to arrange and were very valuable to me. As an attendee, it was very easy to understand the timing of everything and the luncheons and dinners were outstanding. Your people were so pleasant to deal with and so helpful! All and all a very good experience… Regards,



Opel International Inc

I have to say that your conference was the most constructive and best value conferences I have ever attended. That one-on-one format (kinda like speed dating I would imagine) is great! Not only did we get to meet some very serious financing groups for Bellhaven, I also took some great investment ideas back with me to Panama to share with my brokers and clients. I look forward to next year’s conference and remain available to assist you with rounding up additional government spokespeople for that effort.

Warmest personal regards,



Bellhaven Copper & Gold Inc.

I would like to thank and congratulate you and the team for such a great conference. I would be comfortable in saying it was up there with the best organized mining conferences I have been too.

Thanks again


Riversdale Mozambique Limitada